ShakeUp podcast Ep 1: Design Thinking can help a company to succeed

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In the first episode of the ShakeUp podcast we discuss Design Thinking. What can a growth company actually achieve by applying Design Thinking and how can this mindset help make a company’s products, services and profits better? Our guests are the industrial designer Arni Aromaa (CEO of Pentagon Design) and the creative entrepreneur Aku Varamäki (CEO of Enthusiast).

The target of Service Design is to improve the customer experience, and Workday Design is aimed at improving the company’s work culture. Both represent Design Thinking, which provides tools that can help bring businesses to the next level. 

Aromaa and Varamäki say that Design Thinking is not a magic fix for everything. It can, however, help identify and solve problems and lead to continuous piloting and testing of new policies and products. This will help companies stand out from the crowd and remain competitive in the changing business environment.