Looking for an LP for a fund with a focus on Finnish companies?

We invest in venture capital and private equity funds that develop Finland’s most promising growth companies. As a Finnish state-owned investor, our primary focus is on developing the venture capital and private equity market through investments in Finnish funds. However, we also invest in international venture capital funds when the fund strategy has a true value-add to the Finnish ecosystem.

Investment focus


Our principal target market is Finland. We also selectively invest in international VC funds active in Finland, which complement the local market with their expertise and investment focus.


Growth and
buyout funds

We invest mainly in Finnish and selectively Nordic funds that complement the Finnish market.



We mainly invest in Finland.

Our approach - a sparring partner for Finnish first-time and established funds

Sparring partner right from the start

We will be your active partner –  whether you need help in formulating your new fund idea, forming the fund strategy or developing the fund in the long-term.

Creating added value together

Our target funds bring clear added value to Finnish growth companies and are large enough for their needs. In our opinion, an aspiring new fund includes a diverse, competent and broad investment team. It fuels the Finnish venture capital and private equity market and has a well-functioning investment strategy.

From professionals
for professionals

You’ll have full access to our investment expertise. Our teams are committed to making your fund the next success story. We expect no less from our portfolio funds: professionalism, dedication and a good track record. We require existing teams to have a good return on investment history. New teams should have expertise based on their fund’s investment strategy.

Growth is a
common goal

We are elevating Finland to the forefront of new economic growth – responsibly and with a long-term focus. We make investments on market terms and our investments are directed at the most promising, selected funds. Our commitment is typically EUR 5–15 million.



Our country is full of amazing investment opportunities: from rising stars to super performers. Our target funds are always active in the Finnish market. We co-operate with Business Finland Venture Capital (BFVC) and the European Investment Fund (EIF).


and impact

Companies and funds impact our society. Our portfolio funds operate in accordance with responsible investment principles. The funds’ investments create new growth and jobs. Together, we can solve challenges of sustainable development.