Our approach

We make market-driven minority investments in Finnish companies together with a vast network of Finnish and international investors​. We want to provide long-running support, market insights, patient capital, and skilled ownership. We always assess sustainability and impact as well as the potential for follow-on financing as part of our investment decisions.


We make minority investments in Finnish companies together and on the same terms as other investors. We aim to maximize our impact on the society and economic value in our investments. The share of private capital must be at least half, and we aim for returns on our investments.

Value creation
and active ownership

Our role in the syndicate is always adapted to the needs of the company. Together with our co-investors we also bring external professionals to the boards of our portfolio companies – always based on the company’s needs.

Part of the international
VC & PE community

We have strong networks in the international venture capital and private equity community, and good visibility into Finnish deal flow. In addition to capital, we provide business expertise and international networks to help implement our portfolio companies’ growth strategies.

Strong and
experienced investor

We are a financially strong and stable investor with a long investment horizon. The members of Tesi’s teams are experienced in investing in different industries, value creation, board work as well as advisory and consulting services.

Larger rounds
for companies' needs

Our goal is to channel as much private capital and EU financing as possible to Finnish startups and growth companies to build new future growth sectors in Finland. Going forward, we will be making even larger direct investments into Finland’s top scaling technology companies and the most promising new industrial-scale projects.

and impact

Companies impact our society. Together, we solve the challenges of sustainable development e.g. by investing in clean economy. We share best practices throughout the market and strive to promote sustainable practices in our investment targets through active ownership. For more information, see Tesi’s principles of responsible and impactful investing as well as sustainability materials and tools produced by Tesi.