Executive management, Varma, Industry Investment and private investors acquire Holiday Club

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The company’s executive management, Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company, Finnish Industry Investment Ltd and a group of private Finnish investors (including Rauno Puolimatka’s Rausanne Oy) have acquired from the British real estate investment company London & Regional Properties (LRP) the shares it owns in Finnish holiday company Holiday Club Resorts Oy. LRP became the majority shareholder in Holiday Club Resorts Oy in 2005. This transaction returns the company to the stable and strong ownership of Finnish institutions and private investors. The transaction price is not being published.

Holiday Club’s customers are consumers, companies and associations. The company is seeking growth from new holiday resorts, divestitures, and new holiday and leisure products and services. The company plans to continue growing by investing in new facilities in the Finnish resorts of Himos and Saimaa.


Further information:

Vesa Tengman, President and CEO, Holiday Club Resorts Oy.
Mobile +358 500 421 515, vesa.tengman (at) hcresorts.com, www.hcresorts.com


Risto Autio, Director, Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company.
Tel. +358 10 244 3230, risto.autio (at) varma.fi, www.varma.fi


Antti Kummu, Investment Director, Finnish Industry Investment Ltd.
Mobile +358 50 432 4486, antti.kummu (at) industryinvestment.com, www.industryinvestment.com