Finnish Industry Investment and Inventure invest € 2.2 million in Mekitec

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Finnish Industry Investment and Inventure have carried out a 2.2 million euro investment in Mekitec Oy. Founded in 2006, Mekitec improves food safety by providing innovative X-ray equipment for identifying unwanted objects in food packages. With Mekitec’s X-ray scanning, food packages containing foreign objects such as metal, glass, sand, bone chips or pieces of plastic can be identified and packages removed from reaching consumers. The trend for food safety market is growing globally, driven by the high-quality food brands, retail chains, authorities, and consumers.

Mekitec has delivered food safety equipment in 18 countries, in three continents. Mekitec has 50 employees with and R&D and production operations in Finland and Xi’an in China, and sales offices in Hong Kong, Germany and the USA.

For more information, please contact:

Mekitec (
Managing Director Mikko Nuutinen
tel. +358 40 55 77 833

Inventure (
Managing Director Sami Lampinen
tel. +358 40 520 5295

Finnish Industry Investment (
Investment Director Juha Lehtola
tel. +358 40 064 7671