Finnish Industry Investment invests in Sentio’s new Private equity fund

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Sentio Invest Ltd has started a new Private equity fund in Pirkanmaa area in central Finland. New fund concentrates in industrial small and medium sized growth companies and restructuring in Pirkanmaa, Päijät-Häme, Kanta-Häme, Satakunta and Etelä-Pohjanmaa. The fund is managed by Sentio Invest Ltd. The founding agreement of the fund was signed on December 18.

After the first investment round the total amount of invested capital rose to over 10 million euros. In the future the aim is to raise the total capital to 20 million euros.

In addition to the Industry Investment, the investors are Pohjola, Suomi, Ilmarinen, Sitra, Virtaa Hämeeseen fund, Forssa Telephone and Sentio Invest Ltd. The total amount of Industry Investment's committed capital is 3 million euros.

The earlier Private equity fund by Sentio Invest, Tasku Ky, was closed last June. The new fund will now continue funding growth companies and restructuring.

– Industry Investment has played a part in the establishment of all limited liability partnership regional funds in Finland. After the investment period of the earlier Sentio fund (Tasku Ky) ended, it's natural the new fund continues profitable funding of the growth stage companies in Häme and Pirkanmaa area. New fund will support especially strong industries of the area, such as machinery, automation, IT and health technology, explains Director Mika Räsänen from Industry Investment.

– With new fund Sentio is able to fund small and medium sized companies in larger area than before. Sentio is especially interested in the strong industries of the area such as machinery, automation and IT, says CEO Matti Rusanen from Sentio Investment Ltd.