Finnish Industry Investment participates in the Ceiko Ltd’s MBI deal

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As a result of the MBI deal the ownership of the Ceiko Ltd was transferred to Kari Koponen, Juri Virkki, and private equity funds managed by Nordea Capital and Aboa Venture. Finnish Industry Investment gave a direct mezzanine loan for the company and it has invested in Aboa Venture’s private equity fund.

The new owners Koponen and Virkki confirm that – “The success of the deal was guaranteed by the participation of the Finnish Industry Investment and the private equity funds. The target is to increase Ceiko’s production volume by continuing to invest in high technology engineering, which enables bigger delivery entities”.

Ceiko represents high standard engineering industry. The new owners of the company have long experience in the engineering field. Ceiko specialises in mechanisation, welding and assembly business, which require a special measurement precision. Its business is targeted to domestic export industry. Ceiko has 10 million euros turnover and its main share comes from exports.