Industry Investment co-invests EUR 400,000 with private investors in a website reliability rating service

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Finnish Industry Investment Ltd has co-invested EUR 400,000 with a group of five private investors in Against Intuition Oy, a company that has developed a browser add-on that rates websites’ trustworthiness.

Against Intuition’s World of Trust (WOT) collects information from users on whether a website is safe, reliable and reputable. Based on this feedback, the system rates the reputation of a website for vendor reliability, privacy and child safety. The service is based on the public good, and the quality improves as user activity increases.

Further information:

Esa Suurio, CEO, Against Intuition Inc,
mobile phone +358 40 716 9301, esa.suurio(at)

Leila Ylikahri, Investment Manager, Finnish Industry Investment Ltd,
mobile phone +358 50 357 7053, leila.ylikahri(at)