Jani Rämö appointed Financial Manager at Industry Investment

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Finnish Industry Investment Ltd’s Controller, Jani Rämö, MSc (Econ), has been appointed Financial Manager. Rämö started working in Industry Investment’s Finance, Administration and Asset Management team at the end of 2006.


“A recession emphasises the importance of monitoring the economy and of economic forecasting and risk management. Industry Investment’s main challenge at the moment is the recently launched MEUR 100 special financing programme for stabilisation, following guidelines set out by the government in April,” comments Rämö.


Industry Investment currently has investments amounting to MEUR 600, directly and through funds, in growth companies operating in different sectors.



Finnish Industry Investment Ltd
is a government-owned investment company that invests the proceeds accrued from the privatisation of state-owned companies in funds and directly in growth companies. Capital investments are needed for financing growth, internationalisation, spin-offs, major industrial investments, and sector and corporate restructurings. Investment targets are in all sectors. The company co-invests with private investors, limiting its investment to at most one-half of the capital invested and of the ownership. The investments of Finnish Industry Investment amount to some MEUR 600. www.industryinvestment.com


More information:


Marko Häikiö, CFO, Finnish Industry Investment Ltd,
tel. +358 9 6803 6821, marko.haikio (at) industryinvestment.com


Jani Rämö, Financial Manager, Finnish Industry Investment Ltd,
tel. +358 9 6803 6820, jani.ramo (at) industryinvestment.com