A new fund by Mandatum Asset Management

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Mandatum Asset Management (MAM), part of Sampo Group, has come out with the second vintage in its growth equity strategy, the MAM Growth Equity II fund. The announcement concerns the first closing of the fund. Investors included Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company and Mandatum Life Insurance Company Limited, in addition to Tesi.

The fund will make minority investments in companies with a revenue between EUR 10–100 million, mainly in Finland but also in other Nordic countries. One particular reason for Tesi’s investment is that the fund will also make larger minority investments than is typical for Finnish funds, their sizes varying between EUR 10–30 million. Its investments will be diversified to cover different sectors with prospects for structural growth.

Also the KRR IV fund-of-fund, managed by Tesi, invested in the new fund. Neither had invested in the first vintage by MAM.

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Riitta Jääskeläinen, Investment Director, Fund Investments
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