New fund to accelerate growth of mobile technology companies

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Venture capital investor Nexit Ventures has started a new venture capital fund for investing in early-growth mobile technology companies. The size of the Nexit Infocom II L.P. fund is initially EUR 50 million, and the target size is over EUR 100 million. The largest investors in the fund are Finnish Industry Investment Ltd, Sampo Life, the Italian CIR Group and a number of international and Finnish players in economic and technological fields.

The Nexit Infocom II L.P. fund makes equity investments in early-growth companies in the mobile technology sector in the Nordic countries and the USA.

Further information:

Artturi Tarjanne, Partner, Nexit Ventures Oy,
tel. +358 9 6818 910 and +358 400 692 992, artturi.tarjanne(at)

Riitta Jääskeläinen, Investment Director, Finnish Industry Investment Ltd,
tel. +358 9 6803 6814 and +358 50 309 2733, riitta.jaaskelainen(at)