Reorganisation strengthens Finnish Industry Investment’s direct investment operations

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As the volume of investments and the investment portfolios grow, Finnish Industry Investment divides its direct investment operations into three teams. This is to ensure the effective management of portfolio companies and ability to actively carry out new investments.

The following describes Finnish Industry Investment’s organisation with regard to investment operations as of 1 October 2011.

Direct investments

Jussi Hattula is the team leader for venture capital. He is responsible for investments in growth-stage companies and managing Start Fund I Ky.

Antti Kummu is the team leader for buyouts and M&A. He is responsible for later-stage investments in buyout and M&A situations.

Kimmo Viertola is the team leader for investment programmes. He is responsible for strategic focus areas (stabilisation, mining) as well as investments in publicly quoted companies.

New investment opportunities and innovation co-operation

Henri Grundstén is responsible for business development, such as new investment opportunities, innovation co-operation and international network. This is a new function at Finnish Industry Investment.

Fund investments

Anne Riekki is the team leader for fund investments. She is responsible for investments in Finnish and international private equity funds as well as managing FoF Growth.