Saari Partners invests in market leader Safetum to further digitalize work and building safety

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Finnish private equity fund Saari I, managed by Saari Partners, acquires a majority stake in work and building safety market leader Safetum. Safetum is a Finnish frontrunner in using digital technology to prevent damages due to building fires and accidents at work.

”Safetum provides services that aren’t valuable only within the real estate industry, but actually to the whole society. It’s an honor to partner with a company that works with preventing damages and even loss of life due to building fires and accidents. Safetum is also an excellent and forward-looking partner for developing safety services through digitalization.”, says Mikael Lönnroth from Saari Partners.

“Safety is often experienced as mandatory, uninspiring and boring. We believe that with smart service design and brand building we can connect safety with increased building value, and turn the boring into actually added value”, continues Mia Sirkiä from Saari Partners.  

Since its founding in 2012, Safetum has grown without external financing from 0,08M to over 2M in revenues. Safetum’s main market area is Finland, with operations also in Sweden in Norway are within Finland, with expansions into the Swedish and Norwegian markets in progress.

“Saari Partners was chosen as a partner because of their competence and our shared values”, says Tuomas Jurvelin, founder and CEO of Safetum. ”Profitable growth has always been the core of Safetum and at this stage we preferred a partner, who has genuine desire for innovation- not just looking for steady growth. Together with Saari Partner, our customers and employees, we can build a Nordic success story”, Jurvelin continues. 

The current management continues in their present roles and as minority shareholders.

Digital disruption brings IoT and AI to building safety services

Safetum manages building safety for over 6000 Nordic buildings and work safety for over 300 companies. Currently the company employs 20 people in Helsinki.

And the mission is clear. Safetum wants to make building and work safety manageable and easy, to measure, monitor and track to prevent accidents, and to bring noticeable savings to customers.

According to Jurvelin, there is a significant potential for improvement and profitable business in all of these areas.

“During these past years, I have noticed that company employees are unaware of any safety procedures and there is substantial lack of training. Evacuation plans might be outdated or kept as paper copies where nobody can find them. It’s not far away, though, to when AI is used to analyze, predict and prevent potential accidents. Digitalization enables all stakeholders, from owners to managers, residents and workers, to co-create a safer environment”, says Jurvelin.


Mia Sirkiä, Saari Partners, tel. +358 408600240 Tuomas Jurvelin, CEO, Safetum Oy, tel. +358 41 4675401

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Safetum works to prevent accidents and injuries in buildings and workplaces, providing its customers with both digital and professional on-site services. Safetum employs 20 professionals and manages over 6000 buildings in Finland, Sweden and Norway.