Significant minority investment in Lamor strengthens its market position

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Finnish Industry Investment Ltd and Etera have made a minority investment in Lamor Corporation. The investment is a part of a larger transaction where the company’s financial position is strengthened and the current house bank replaced with Sampo Bank/Den Danske Bank. This transaction enables Lamor Corporation to invest in new business models, as well as in research and development and thus enables the company to take a step to the next level.

“The financing enables us to meet the demand for larger scale projects where we take a more central role in providing turnkey oil spill response solutions to our clients,” says Fred Larsen, CEO Lamor Corporation.

“Given the publicity surrounding the large scale oil spills during the recent years, increases in exploration activity in the arctic as well as in off shore areas and the tightening regulations, the oil spill response industry is expected to grow significantly during the next few years. We are warmly welcoming the new investors to enjoy this exciting ride ahead, and are convinced that this is going to be a beneficial cooperation,” Larsen adds.

“Most recently we were awarded a significant three-year contract with Qatar Petroleum (QP) responsible for operating and maintaining all of QP’s Oil Spill & Emergency Response Department (OS&ERD) oil spill recovery equipment. Moreover, the contract included oil spill man-power, management and training. That said, we were also awarded another major contract in recent days with Australian Maritime Safety Authority for equipment,” Larsen highlights.

”We want to be involved in developing and financing this significant Finnish cleantech company. Lamor has a strong market position globally and specialist expertise in the Arctic areas. Because of its growth potential and sector, the company is a good match with our investment strategy,” says Director Antti Kummu from Finnish Industry Investment.

“Finland needs good export companies in order to meet the challenges of today’s global economy and I am excited to be a part of a transaction where Finnish institutional investors invest in a Finnish company whose exports comprise over 90 % of its revenue,” says Pekka Ahlajärvi, Portfolio Manager in Etera.

For further information, please contact:

Vesa Tiitinen
CFO, Lamor Corporation
Tel: +358 40 700 1917,

Antti Kummu
Director, Buyouts, M&A, Finnish Industry Investment Ltd
Tel. +358 50 432 4486,

Pekka Ahlajärvi
Portfolio Manager, Etera Mutual Pension Insurance Company
Tel. +358 40 840 3199, Pekka.ahlajä

(Larsen Marine Oil Recovery) Corporation has an excellent arsenal of high quality efficient and effective oil spill clean-up equipment, services and solutions. Together with its portfolio, the company has also nurtured and developed its brand with positive results, positioning the company as a global player on every continent. In 2011 Lamor’s turnover was approx. € 63 million and it employs over 100 employees on four continents and over 450 people affiliated through its production network. Lamor’s goal is to continue as the global market leader in oil spill response equipment and services in its chosen rapidly growing market segment.

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