Tapio Parkkonen appointed Investment Analyst for Tesi’s Fund Investments team

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Tapio Parkkonen, Tesi’s new Investment Analyst for Tesi’s Fund Investments team

Tapio Parkkonen has been appointed Tesi’s new Investment Analyst and will start in the role in Tesi’s Fund Investments teams on 5 June 2023. Tapio’s study background includes a M.Sc. in Industrial Management from Aalto University as well as Data Science studies in the University of Helsinki.

Tapio considers Finnish growth companies and their funding topics that are close to his heart. He has diverse work experience from this field, having worked in the student ecosystem (Junction), for a venture capital investor (Voima Ventures) and having supported a scale-up company (Infinited Fiber).

Warmly welcome to Tesi, Tapio!

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