Tesi’s corporate image survey 2017

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“Tesi has succeeded very well in proactive boardwork and in seeking solutions in difficult situations”, “They have been an active partner in engaging in dialogue with us”, “Tesi is a good partner to have because this makes it easier to involve other investors in our operations”

Different stakeholders have different expectations. Many would like Tesi to play an even more active role in attracting international capital to Finland, and to give more focus to developing different financing alternatives. Some pointed out the need for more early-stage financing.  While some respondents would like Tesi to concentrate purely on investing in funds, others would prefer Tesi to specialise just in direct investments. Our stakeholders also expect even closer liaison and communication from us than at present.

“Financing needs during change of ownership”, “Bolder risk-taking and an open-minded approach to new instruments”, “Direct investments“, “Investments in funds and especially in growth-stage funds (including funds operating on the minority ownership principle)”, “Making economic impact more visible”

The themes raised by our stakeholders will be seen in the way we develop our operations and activities. Our priorities for next year include: channelling international expertise and capital to Finnish companies; developing active ownership; responsible investment and sustainable development, and more visibility in communicating with our stakeholders. Our goal is for companies to grow, operate responsibly and succeed.


For more information about the survey:
Jan Sasse, CEO, Tesi
Tel. +358 40 861 9151, jan.sasse(at)tesi.fi

Tesi (Finnish Industry Investment Ltd) is a venture capital and private equity company that accelerates companies’ success stories by investing in them directly and via funds. Tesi always invests together with other investors, providing them with access to high quality deal-flow in Finland. Our investments under management total 1 billion euros and we have altogether 723 companies in portfolio.
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