Tesi’s Annual General Meeting: Jacob af Forselles continues as Chair of Board of Directors, Jaakko Weuro elected new Board member

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New member of Tesi's Board, Mr. Jaakko Weuro

Jaakko Weuro, newly elected Tesi’s Board member

Jacob af Forselles will continue as Chair of Tesi’s (Finnish Industry Investment Ltd) Board of Directors, and Jaakko Weuro was elected as a new board member.

Riku Huttunen will continue as Vice Chair of Tesi’s Board of Directors, while Mia FolkessonAnniina HeinonenMinna Helppi and Timo Leino continue as existing members. The appointments were made by Tesi’s Annual General Meeting on 22 March 2023.

The Annual General Meeting also approved the Group’s and parent company’s financial statements for fiscal year 1 January–31 December 2022, discharged the Board and the company’s CEOs of liability, and approved the Board’s proposal for using the parent company’s profit. In 2022, Jan Sasse acted as the CEO until 24 October 2022 and Jussi Hattula, Director of Growth & Industrial Investments team, replaced him for the rest of the year.

KPMG Oy Ab, Chartered Accountants, was elected as the company’s auditor, with Marcus Tötterman, Chartered Accountant, as lead auditor.

More information:

Susanna Aaltonen, Director, Communications, +358 593 4221susanna.aaltonen@tesi.fi

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