Verto Analytics Expands Globally as Big Brands Require Deeper and More Tactical Insights on Mobile-Centric Digital Consumers

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Verto’s cross-device media and audience measurement solution provides customers with accurate, reliable metrics on consumer behaviour across the cross-device digital ecosystems. Founded in 2013, Verto Analytics provides single-source audience measurement solutions for monitoring the complex behavior of today’s consumer on every device, app and platform they use throughout the day. The company has concentrated its R&D in Finland while focusing its commercial activities mainly on the USA. Verto’s versatile team brings together a potent mix of digital measurement knowhow, software expertise and serial entrepreneurship. The financing round will strengthen Verto’s growth in its main market area of North America and will also allow phased expansion into new markets. 

“Verto has grown quickly in recent years and has established a business network with industry leaders and measurement pioneers. The company now ranks Cisco, Yahoo, Electronic Arts, Yume, to mention some examples, among its customers. Verto has built a talented team and is now posed to accelerate its growth in new markets. This financing round, together with the assistance of the new investors in the company, will take Verto to the next level in all areas including sales, marketing, and product development,” says Dr. Hannu Verkasalo, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Verto Analytics.

“Verto offers the most compelling solution to measure today’s consumers, and serves also some of the fastest-growing industry verticals – mobile apps, streaming services and digital media,” says Henrik Landgren of EQT Ventures.

“Verto has a clear vision for developing the company into a leading provider of digital measuring solutions and also has a highly skilled team capable of achieving this vision,” says Finnish Industry Investment’s Jussi Sainiemi.

“Measuring application downloads is history. More important nowadays is understanding consumer behaviour. Verto’s solutions enable this on any platform, and will revolutionise the market for analysing digital services,” comments VisionPlus Fund’s Tero Ojanperä.


Mindy M. Hull, Mercury Global Partners for Verto Analytics                    
Tel. +1 415 889 9977 (USA)                                 

Jussi Sainiemi, Investment Director, Finnish Industry Investment Ltd
Tel. +358 40 564 4660

Tero Ojanperä, Managing Partner, VisionPlus Fund
Tel. +358 40 558 3096

Verto Analytics provides a single-source audience measurement solution for monitoring the complex behavior of today’s consumer on every device, app and platform they use throughout the day. We provide data and insights that inform marketing, competitive intelligence, media buying, and product strategy and development. Backed by EQT Ventures, Conor Venture Partners and Open Ocean Capital, Verto is a privately held global company with offices in New York City, San Francisco, London and Espoo, Finland. Read our blog, follow us on Twitter, or learn more at

The EQT Ventures Fund is a multi-stage Venture Capital fund that will make minority investments, ranging between EUR 1 million and EUR 75 million, in fast-growing and innovative technology companies primarily in Europe. The fund can also invest in global companies that need support scaling. EQT Ventures applies EQT’s proven industrial investment approach to younger-stage, fast growing and exciting companies. The advisory team offers support to the next generation of market leaders by providing access to capital, operational expertise and a unique network of over 250 independent advisors, featuring numerous leading entrepreneurs and successful business developers. 

Finnish Industry Investment Oy is a private equity and venture capital investment company that accelerates companies’ success stories by investing both in funds and directly in companies. We offer promising growth companies business expertise and international networks, enabling a company to pursue its growth strategy. and @TesiFII

VisionPlus Fund is a €50m capital fund that invests in growth companies and helps them acquire partners and customers to accelerate their growth.