Vision+ announces a new product investment fund with plans to invest in more than 200 applications, games and service products on all digital platforms

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March 2, 2012 – Helsinki – Vision+ today announced Vision+ Fund I, which focuses on investment in applications, games and services on all digital platforms. These include mobile platforms such as Windows Phone, iOS and Android, Facebook, game consoles, web and cloud, and PC and Mac. Vision+ finances product development and commercialization, also focusing on customer acquisition and cash flow creation.

Vision+ is a new type of investor that does not invest in equity. In contrast with equity investment, this model does not dilute existing shareholders.

Vision+ investment model is revenue share investment where investor return consists of royalties of the product’s cash flow aiming at fast circulation of capital that enables investment back to the business.

Typical investment size of Vision+ is 50,000–500,000 euros. The initial capital of Vision+ Fund I is over 25 million euros with a planned size of 50 to 100 million euros. Vision+ plans to finance more than 200 products worldwide. For more information on investment criteria and to apply for financing see

“We aim at long term cooperation with entrepreneurs helping them and product developers to accelerate market launch, negotiate with partners, retain their ownership and product rights, and build their own IPR portfolios,” says Tero Ojanperä, Managing Partner of Vision.

Vision+ Fund I’s anchor investors are Microsoft, Nokia, FoF Growth, Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra and Finnish Industry Investment. Its founding partners are Tero Ojanperä, former Executive Board Member of Nokia, Tanu-Matti Tuominen, Marko Tulonen and Jari Tuovinen. Tanu-Matti, Marko and Jari are partners in Mediatonic Fund, a game investment fund that has piloted the same product investment model.

“Microsoft’s investment in the Vision+ Fund furthers our support of local innovation and entrepreneurship around the world,” says Daniel Lewin, Corporate Vice President, Strategic and Emerging Business Development, Microsoft. “Assisting entrepreneurs in developing their products is a crucial area where Vision+ can help advance ideas and accelerate their entry to the market.”

“Nokia’s support of Vision+ helps developers turn their ideas into apps, and their apps into sustainable businesses,” says Marco Argenti, Senior Vice President, Nokia Developer Experience & Marketplace. He continues: “As we work to build an App Economy where local developers are at the center, supporting entrepreneurs through different phases of their business is a priority for Nokia.”

”It is interesting to have a new Finnish investment fund that operates with a totally new model to complement traditional venture investment. We are hopeful that an increasing number of interesting projects will be able to benefit from growth financing through this new model,” says Esko Torsti from insurance company Ilmarinen and the chairman of FoF Growth’s investment council.

“The European equity investment market is facing enormous challenges, particularly for the needs of startup and growth companies. We need new types of initiatives to avoid an insurmountable chasm between the large number of promising growth companies and the financing they need. We think Vision+ is an excellent and welcome example of such initiatives and we are excited to have contributed to the project both with our accumulated investment expertise and as an investor,” says Mikko Kosonen, President, Sitra.

Riitta Jääskeläinen, Investment Director, Finnish Industry Investment, says: “Innovation is not something only for growth companies—the investment market must also develop and meet different kinds of financing needs through new products. We believe the new operating model will speed up the commercialization of products and the creation of positive cash flows.”


Co-founder and Managing Partner Tero Ojanperä, Tel. +358 40 558 3096,

Investment Director Riitta Jääskeläinen, Finnish Industry Investment Ltd, tel: +358 50 3092733, e-mail: