Turning spin-offs into growth companies – How does Verso do it?

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Verso specialises in growing the offshoots of large corporations into global growth companies. How do
Verso’s operations differ from those of conventional private equity firms? And how is a company
built from a carve-out in practice? Founder Anssi Kariola answers these questions.


Anssi Kariola

Who he is: Managing Partner, Verso
Education: M.Sc. (Applied Electronics) from Helsinki University of Technology. MBA (Corporate Finance)
from Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration.
Experience: Worked for over 17 years in large corporations, mainly Nokia and Nokia Siemens Networks.
Former head of M&A and Nokia Siemens Networks. Extensive experience in management positions with
responsibility for R&D/product development, international sales and marketing, business strategy and


Established: 2012, founder Anssi Kariola.
Operation and objectives: Finnish private equity company that invests in carve-outs, buy-outs and growth businesses with growth bottlenecks. Specialises in carve-outs – ie, building independent companies from existing business operations.
Funds: Verso Spin-off Fund I is a MEUR 10 fund making minority investments in spin-off companies in the IT
and telecommunications sector. Verso Fund II is a MEUR 50.5 fund making majority investments in spin-offs
and growth companies in the technology sector.
Investors in the Fund II: Tesi, European Investment Fund, FoF Growth II, Ilmarinen, AI-Partners and Etrisk.
Portfolio companies: Companies and businesses with significant international growth potential but
suffering from growth bottlenecks.

Web page: versoventures.com