Injeq – needles guided by intelligence

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Finnish healthtech is riding the crest of a wave and becoming an increasingly attractive for investments, as Joni Karsikas pointed out in his blog in December 2021. Injeq, a healthtech startup established in Tampere in 2010, is one of the companies riding the crest.

In short, the company develops a smart needle. Lumbar punctures (spinal taps) are critical in treating childhood leukaemia, and Injeq’s needle alerts the physician when the spinal fluid has been reached. This makes lumbar punctures, and other medical injections, easier and safer while also reducing the risk of tissue damage and improving care outcomes.

The company currently employs 16 people. In December 2021, Injeq received CE certification (European sales approval) for its needle technology as the fruit of its demanding work in a conservative and highly regulated sector. This opened the door to distribution agreements in Germany, Europe’s largest market, as well as the Nordic markets of Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The company plans to develop its technology for taking samples also from adults.

”Injeq is one of the older companies in EAKR-Aloitusrahasto I’s portfolio that was transferred from Finnvera to Tesi in autumn 2021. It was inspiring to see the company’s strong expertise receive recognition, paving the way to pan-European sales and the next step of growth – now supported by Tesi’s skilled ownership,” explains Kalle Åström, EAKR Portfolio Manager at Tesi. Read more about the transaction in our press release.

Injeq is also a great example of one of Tesi’s five selected impact themes – Health and Wellbeing. Read more below.

Tesi’s themes for impact investment

Tesi strives for corporate responsibility and societal impact. One instrument for achieving these is the set of five themes for impact investments. They have been formed from the sustainable development goals (SDGs) listed in the UN’s Agenda 2030 so that we can promote their achievement by investing them as the base. These themes will form the framework for guiding how we support and encourage companies to solve present and future challenges

  • Sustainable production and efficient use of resources
  • Sustainable Consumption and Cities
  • Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Learning and Equality.

Read more about Tesi’s corporate responsibility and societal impact here.

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