Top 5 tips for a new impact GP

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Back in 2002, when Michele Giddens, Philip Newboroug and Sir Ronald Cohen founded Bridges Fund Management, the term ‘impact investing’ didn’t even exist. Read Giddens’ top 5 tips for a new impact GP.

  • GOALS. Have a clear idea of what your impact and financial goals are, and make sure you design a product that reflects the needs of the market (including both investors and investees)
  • CONSENSUS. Align with the IMP’s growing consensus around impact management and measurement (rather than trying to re-invent the wheel)
  • LISTEN. Collaborate with and listen to others in the sector who have learned from experience about how to invest for impact successfully
  • PEOPLE. Hire brilliant people who believe in your mission, because ultimately this will be the key to success
  • MISSION. Stay true to your mission as you grow (perhaps even locking it into the founding articles of your business, to protect it in perpetuity)

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Michele Giddens

Who she is: As a partner in Bridges, she focuses on strategy, investor relations, public affairs and impact assessment.

Education: BA Honours in Politics, Philosophy & Economics from Oxford University, and MBA from Georgetown University, Washington, DC.

Earlier activities: Michele has over 25 years’ experience in international development and social finance. She began her career with International Finance Corporation and spent eight years with Shorebank Corporation.

Special: Michele was awarded an OBE in the 2018 Queen’s Birthday Honours list.

Bridges Fund Management

What it is: One of the first fund managers in the world to launch an impact-driven investment fund. Focuses on four themes: healthier living, future skills, sustainable planet, and stronger communities.

Who and where: Founded in 2002 by Sir Ronald Cohen, Michele Giddens and Philip Newborough. A team of 50 in London and 6 in New York.

Funds: GBP 1 billion capital raised, 14 funds, 160 portfolio investments