BC Platforms – Accelerated drug development and better healthcare

BC Platforms operates in the intersection of global pharmaceutical industry and healthcare. The technology developed by the company helps gather data from health systems and biobanks in a way that streamlines both the drug development process and aids in understanding which medications work best for different patients.


The journey of a new drug from the initiation of development to the pharmacy shelf can take up to ten years and cost up to two billion euros. Smoothing this process and gaining a better biological understanding of how medications work for different patients benefits not only the patients but also society and the pharmaceutical industry. RWD (real-world data) refers to all the information collected from patients during treatment that can also be used for research within the frameworks set by national and supranational laws. For example, by combining health information, lifestyle data, and genetic information, research can be conducted on disease risks, disease prevention, as well as the effectiveness and suitability of different treatments and medications for various patients. To utilize sensitive health data, it must first be processed for research purposes in accordance with regulatory requirements (such as GDPR).

What and how?

BC Platforms’ technological solutions collect, anonymize, and secure sensitive data from health systems and biobanks for research use. Leveraging this collected data in research helps revolutionize both drug development and healthcare. Through BC Platforms’ solutions, the drug development process accelerates significantly, yielding better medications for patients and savings for society. Data can be utilized not only in early-stage medical research but also to demonstrate a drug’s actual effectiveness after market entry. This helps authorities, for instance, in making reimbursement decisions sensibly. Data can also be used, for example, to optimize healthcare processes, and many other purposes within the bounds permitted by laws.

Growth and internationalisation

BC Platforms is already one of the world’s leading providers of information systems for health tech and sciences, with its technology platforms used on all continents. Over the past 6–7 years, the company has made significant investments in product development and constructing its global data network. Currently, the network includes hospitals from 20 countries, and BC Platforms has access to anonymized data from over 75 million individuals. The data network is expanding rapidly. Simultaneously, BC Platforms aims to ensure its service capabilities in Europe, Asia, and North America. Besides organic investments, the company has decided to grow through acquisitions to strengthen its technological expertise and expedite the commercialization of its solutions.

The significance of venture capital

Partnerships with external investors like Tesi are crucial for BC Platforms’ growth and internationalization. Besides constructing the data network, the company invests significantly in developing competitive technology ensuring anonymity and patient safety to generate real-time data from various sources. Acquisitions in line with the company’s growth plan also require external capital.

Tesi directly invests in startups and growth companies alongside private investors, as a minority investor, on market terms. As a private equity and venture capital investor, Tesi’s role is to help Finnish companies succeed and create centers of expertise, around health tech and sciences among others. This way, new Finnish success stories are fostered globally.

General information

BC Platforms was established in 1997 around an innovative genomic research project led by the Whitehead Institute at the prestigious MIT university in the United States. It boasts over 25 years of collaboration with leading researchers, developers, and industrial partners. BC Platforms’ headquarters are in Zurich, and it has product development units in Espoo and Singapore and presence in London, UK, Lund, Sweden, Toulouse, France and Boston, USA.

BC Platforms develops technology platforms that gather and analyze complex patient data from biobanks and healthcare systems. This enables smoother research and development for the pharmaceutical industry and delivers more personalized, cost-effective healthcare for patients.

Accelerated drug development and better healthcare