Hadean Ventures – Investing in the future of healthcare

Hadean Ventures invests across all healthcare verticals and in products with the potential to address unmet medical needs. The company is constantly on the lookout for innovations in high-impact new medical solutions to advance modern healthcare.


During the last century, plenty of development has taken place in modern medicine. People are in general healthier, and the overall life expectancy is getting longer. However, there are still plenty of unmet needs in healthcare, and this calls for increased efforts in scientific research and development of new drugs and treatments.

Several diseases and conditions lack proper treatment, and the ageing of the population presents a whole range of challenges. Keeping people healthy for as long as possible is extremely important. In many countries, such as the Nordics, both scientific research and start-up culture are strong, but the lack of investment expertise slows down the necessary development.

What and how?

Based on extensive screening of innovative companies across all healthcare verticals and stages, Hadean Ventures invests in the ones with the most potential to convert state-of-the-art science into medical products that can make a difference. Making those investments mainly through venture capital funds, Hadean assumes an active role in the companies to support profitable growth.

From board memberships to headhunting the right talent and forming syndicates, Hadean utilises its extensive investment experience and hard skills in clinical medicine to ensure that the companies get just the kind of help they need in their specific situation.

Growth and internationalisation

Medicine is a global industry, and Hadean Ventures aims to keep investing in companies that develop products for the global market. Science and innovation can take place anywhere, and Hadean Ventures has a particular focus on the Nordic countries. With the company’s second fund getting oversubscribed in December 2023, Hadean supports its investments at full force, at the same time preparing to launch the third fund in a couple of years.

The field of medicine keeps developing, and lucrative investment targets keep showing up. Hadean aims to maintain its position as one of the industry leaders, remain active in its search and grow at a steady pace also in the future.

Tesi's role

For Hadean Ventures, Tesi has been a very important partner in many ways. In addition to the capital invested in Hadean’s second fund, Tesi’s extensive network has proven valuable especially in the Finnish market.

Since the venture capital and private equity industry is strongly international, it is essential for the formation of expertise, networks and investor syndicates that Tesi’s fund investment activities extend beyond Finland’s borders. Tesi’s main interest lies in those international funds that invest also in Finnish startup and growth companies. Tesi is also building a fellow investor network for Finnish growth companies and assisting Finnish venture capital funds to find international investors.

General information

Hadean Ventures is a leading European life science fund manager with approximately 230 MEUR worth of assets under management. The funds are backed by leading private and institutional European and US-based investors.

Hadean Ventures invests in life science companies developing breakthrough innovative solutions for unmet medical needs. The team combines an in-depth knowledge of medicine and life science, extensive investment experience at prestigious venture capital and private equity funds, and a strong track record of hands-on operational management of start-ups. Hadean Ventures has offices in Oslo and Stockholm and collaborates with world-class academic institutions and start-up hubs across the region.

Investing in the future of healthcare

Tesi is a very important partner for us. We have collaborated in many cases and benefited also from the possibility to utilise their wide network of experts.

- Ingrid Teigland Akay, Managing Partner, Hadean Ventures