Haltian – solutions for smoother working life

Haltian solves problems associated with built environment and its utilisation by making visible exactly what is happening in a building. The IoT solutions the company has developed over the last ten years are in demand across the world as hybrid working becomes more established.


The transition to hybrid working, concerns about wellbeing at work, rising energy costs and sustainability goals are all part of a trend driving demand for enhanced efficiency, more improvements and streamlining of the activities taking place in buildings.

Alterations are made to old buildings without a clear picture of what is needed, and even in renovations the opportunities new technology offers are not fully understood. Office space is currently underutilised. Staff in hospitals spend time searching for doctors and equipment. Empty and underutilised premises are heated and cooled unnecessarily. There is a clear need for decision-making based on data.

What and how?

Haltian develops IoT solutions that help optimise space usage for achieving efficiency and responsibility goals in many sectors. Data produced by sensors improves energy efficiency by switching heating and ventilation to premises where people are present. Nurses get more time for actual nursing work when office workers more easily find unoccupied workplaces, parking spaces, colleagues, and meeting rooms.

Social, economic, and environmental responsibility are enhanced when decisions are based on correct information. Allocating resources is simpler and easier. User satisfaction with the premises increases, commitment improves, and the company’s profit-making capability rises.

Growth and internationalisation

Space usage in buildings is a global challenge, and invariably a multifaceted problem. Working patterns have changed so much over the last few years that refurbishing the current build environment has lagged behind. Even in newbuilding, the opportunities that IoT offers today have sometimes been overlooked. Consequently, there is a worldwide need for solutions that optimise space usage based on reliable, flexible, and real-time data.

The solutions Haltian develops are now used from Tokyo to San Diego and from Kirkkoniemi to Sydney. Going forward, growth will increasingly be driven by demand from outside Finland. The company’s goal is to strengthen its foothold in Western Europe and North America through organic growth.

The importance of venture capital

The IoT business requires substantial investments in R & D, in commercialising solutions, and in marketing and exporting on a global scale. The company needs growth capital from investors for all these purposes. The investors, in turn, give the company more credibility when discussing growth with international players. For instance, Tesi has already opened up links to international markets for Haltian through its own network.

Tesi invests directly in growth companies as a minority investor, hand-in-hand with private investors and on the same market terms as them. Tesi’s role as a venture capital and private equity investor is to help Finnish startups and growth companies succeed. In this way, together with our co-investors, Finland’s new global success stories are created.

General information

Haltian was established in 2012 by five experts who formerly worked in specialist R & D positions in Nokia. Drawing on the valuable knowhow and talent concentrated in the Oulu region (Finland’s Silicon Valley), the team assembled a group of engineering and installation specialists, and Haltian’s story took off.

Today Haltian is a global IoT house designing digital twins for smart buildings. The technology platform Haltian has developed enables the scalable development of IoT solutions, and the product development services it offers help companies transform their ideas into finished products. Haltian employs 145 people globally.

Solutions for smoother working life

“Investors like Tesi play a truly a crucial role in promoting Haltian’s success.”

- Pasi Leipälä, CEO, Co-Founder of Haltian

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