Finnish foodtech company eniferBio has secured an EUR 11 million in growth funding

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Finnish foodtech company eniferBio has secured an EUR 11 million funding round, which was led by AquaSpark, a Dutch venture capital fund specialising in aqua farming investments. Valio, Tesi as well as seed-stage investors NFT.VC and Voima Ventures participated in the round.

eniferBio was founded in as a spin off from VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland). The mycoproteinpowder PEKILO® developed by the company is a replacement for the soy protein in the fish feed industry and is planned as a protein supplement in food industry in the future. Widely used in fish feed industry today, soy has ecological issues when it comes to farming it. These issues can be mitigated with a mycoprotein alternative.

Production of alternative protein sources has been estimated to have the best positive climate impact in relation to the invested capital. The company is on the forefront of local foodtech startups, and it possesses a verified technology, which the team has managed to commercialise. The company is a fine add to Tesi’s portfolio regarding sustainable food production,” comments Jan-Patrick Haikkola, Investment Manager at Tesi.

Tesi’s investment was its first in the company.

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Jan-Patrick Haikkola, Investment Manager, Growth and Industrial Investments
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