Fiber optic provider Valoo secures new growth funding to reach ambitious goals

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Fiber optic provider Valoo (Adola Ltd) has secured a debt and equity funding round worth of over €250 million. Tesi participated as a minority investor in funding round which was led by DIF Capital Partners, a Dutch investment company.

Valoo (Adola Ltd), founded in 2019, is a Finnish growth company that builds and operates fiber optic networks (also known as fibre-to-the-home, or FTTH) in suburban areas. With the secured growth funding, the company continues to pursue its ambitious goal of bringing more than 300,000 households into its network by 2030.

Finland lags behind other similar countries, such as Sweden, in the availability of fiber optic networks. Valoo’s strategy aims at bringing more and more Finnish households and workplaces within the best possible connections, and by doing so with competitive terms, also increases the competitiveness of Finland. Having invested in Valoo, Tesi promotes both the build-up of infrastructure central to the proper functioning of the society as well as sustainable urban development,” comments Miikka Salminen, Investment Manager at Tesi.

Tesi’s investment was its first in the company.

Read more: Press release by DIF Capital Partners, 18.7.2023

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Miikka Salminen, Investment Manager, Growth and Industrial Investments
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