Finnish software company Disior acquired by US-based Paragon28

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Disior, Finnish developer of medical analytics software for clinicians, has been acquired by Paragon28, an US-based medical device company focused on the orthopedic (foot and ankle) market.

The 3D analytics software by Disior is used in medical imaging to turn 2D images into numerical data and highly accurate 3D models. This in turn helps medical specialists to make better diagnoses and treatment decisions.

“The future looks bright for Disior. This acquisition undoubtedly helps their internationalization efforts. I have great respect for the Disior founders, and the team has earned the success,” comments Joni Karsikas, Investment Director at Tesi.

Tesi (Finnish Industry Investment) first invested in Disior in 2020 from its Venture Bridge instrument.

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Joni Karsikas, Investment Director, Tesi
+358 40 827 0395

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