Matias Kaila appointed to the LP Platform Council of Invest Europe

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Matias Kaila, the Director of Fund Investments at Tesi (Finnish Industry Investment), has been appointed to the Limited Partners Platform Council of Invest Europe, the organization representing European venture capital and private equity (VC & PE) firms. The council is a key body that aims to promote collaboration between venture capital and private equity funds and LPs and to develop the VC & PE industry across Europe.

I am very excited to join efforts in developing the VC & PE industry at the European level. VC & PE investing is a crucial tool for fostering growth and new innovations. From Finland’s perspective, it is vital that the European VC & PE market becomes more cross-border. There is still much potential for development in cross-border LP investments to ensure that capital in Europe meets the best growth opportunities and thus achieves the best returns,” Kaila comments on his new role.

Tesi’s vision is that Finland has the strongest and most competitive startup and growth company ecosystem in Europe. One step towards this is strengthening the funding base in Finland: The size of Finnish venture, growth, and small-cap capital funds increases by 1.5 times towards the global level. Here, the role of international LPs is emphasized.

Additional information:

Matias Kaila, Director, Fund Investments
+358 40 720 1324

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Invest Europe is the association representing Europe’s private equity, venture capital and infrastructure sectors, as well as their investors. We have over 650 members, split roughly equally between private equity, venture capital and limited partners – with some 110 associate members representing advisers to our ecosystem. Those members are based in 57 countries, including 42 in Europe, and manage 60% of the European private equity and venture capital industry’s EUR 1 trillion of assets under management. Businesses with private capital investment employ 10.9 million people across Europe, 5% of the region’s workforce. For more information visit