Talking about Tesi – Corporate Image Survey 2020

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Stakeholders appreciate Tesi’s role and activities as a long-term financer of Finnish growth companies and in mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on Finnish business. In the near future, Tesi should focus on identifying global trends, internationalisation and sustainable development.

Tesi’s Corporate Image Survey assesses how satisfied stakeholders are with Tesi’s activities. External and internal stakeholders, such as portfolio companies, venture capital and private equity funds, other influencers, and Tesi’s personnel and Board are interviewed for the survey. In 2020, we got views from altogether 451 stakeholders.

Tesi’s previous corporate image survey was conducted in 2017. Tesi has significantly enhanced its reputation and brand awareness over the intervening three years. Tesi occupies a stable market position and three out of four respondents know Tesi fairly well. Tesi is regarded as being a professional, competent, active and positive player. Most respondents felt that Tesi focused on the right issues, and that Tesi’s roles as a long-term investor enabling Finnish companies’ growth (87% of respondents) and in combating the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on Finnish business (76% of respondents) are important or very important.

Tesi faces a diverse range of expectations from stakeholders. Right now, stakeholders want Tesi to help Finnish companies ride out the pandemic, to actively develop the Finnish venture capital and private equity market, and to assist Finnish companies in expanding internationally. Over a longer time span, stakeholders want Tesi to focus on responsible investment, and also on broadening its client portfolio and range of sectors. They also want Tesi to continue developing Finland’s venture capital and private equity market and assist in companies’ international expansion.

Stakeholders call for more dialogue on Tesi’s role and results, especially in the societal arena. A high proportion of respondents would like personal communication directly from Tesi’s personnel.

The survey showed that international investors regard Finland as an attractive market, even in the prevailing market situation, and believe they will invest more in Finland in the future. Tesi is considered an important local partner that possesses market knowledge and insights as well as direct contacts to companies and other VC & PE investors. International players wish Tesi to provide transparent cooperation, networks, and market insight.

“The themes raised by our stakeholders are well aligned with our strategy. During 2021, we’ll continue to focus on corporate responsibility and societal impact, and engage in wider dialogue with stakeholders about Tesi’s activities and results. Our goal is for Finnish companies to grow, operate responsibly, and succeed both in Finland and internationally,” comments Tesi’s CEO Jan Sasse.


Further information:

Jan Sasse, CEO, Tesi

Tel: +358 40 861 9151


Tesi (Finnish Industry Investment Ltd) is a state-owned investment company that wants to raise Finland to the front ranks of transformative economic growth by investing in funds and directly in companies. We invest profitably and responsibly, hand-in-hand with co-investors, to create the world’s new success stories. Our investments under management total 1.6 billion euros.– | @TesiFII