Tesi’s new ESG tool for investors, startups and growth companies

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Tesi has created a practical tool to help Finnish venture capital and private equity investors develop the sustainability of startups and growth companies. The tool can be used to identify and prioritise focus areas, and also to plan a sustainability road map for addressing social and governance issues over the longer term.

The tool is an easy-to-use, Excel-based, SG matrix covering a spectrum of over 50 topics relating to social responsibility (S) and good corporate governance (G). The tool can also test the impacts that growth in personnel will have on statutory obligations and practices.

We’ve made this tool for venture capital and private equity investors because, through them, we can reach hundreds of startups and growth companies. That will significantly magnify the impact of best practices,” says Tesi’s CEO Pia Santavirta.

We’ve piloted the SG matrix during the first part of this year with companies of varying sizes and received strongly positive feedback. We hope the tool will now be widely deployed and that we receive plenty of low-threshold feedback about it on which to base future development,” adds Tesi’s Strategy and Development Manager Sanni Virtanen.

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More information:

Pia Santavirta, CEO, Tesi
+359 40 546 7749
Photo of Pia Santavirta

More information about using the SG matrix:

Sanni Virtanen, Strategy and Development Manager, Tesi
+358 50 553 1312

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