Voima Ventures announces the first closing of its third fund – investment strategy rare in the Nordics

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Voima Ventures is one of the few Nordic GPs that invest solely in science and deep tech. The third fund now announced closes for the first time at the size of EUR 90 million and will invest in startups in the Nordics and the Baltics. The target size will be EUR 120 million. Investors of the fund include, among others and in addition to Tesi, European Investment Fund (EIF), VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland), Saminvest from Sweden, and the pension funds Nordea Life and Elo.

The investment thesis focuses on solutions that solve global challenges by, for instance, accelerating global green transformation, developing cutting-edge life science and health technologies, or by producing groundbreaking new technologies that can change entire industries.

The new fund by Voima Ventures makes more growth financing options available for the deep tech startups that are ever-so important for Finland as well as broadens the local deep tech fund scene. We are also glad to continue supporting a local GP in their on-going internationalisation efforts. All-in-all, Voima Ventures represents a fine example of our core investment strategy “, comments Tapio Passinen, Investment Director from Tesi’s Fund Investments team.

In addition to Tesi, the KRR IV fund-of-fund it manages invested in the new fund. Neither Tesi nor the KRR had invested in the previous funds by Voima Ventures.

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Tapio Passinen, Investment Director, Fund Investments
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