AI assistant Jenny chats with customers

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With her command of more than 50 languages Jenny extends customer service to new dimensions.

There is a growing demand for the service provided by the Finnish startup company Get Jenny. It enables companies to automatize their customer service with artificial intelligence, which has aroused enormous interest around the world.

– In practice, Jenny’s daily work consists of net chatting, both internal and external in companies. Jenny understands any chat conversation, and can easily create a reply of her own, CEO Teemu Kinos explains.

At the end of 2016 Get Jenny launched a successful collaboration with the IF insurance company, as the company was searching for a pioneering partner to carry out their chatbot project. This partnership finally produced Emma and Alvar, chatbots based on the artificial intelligence technology.

– Now IF is able to provide chat-based customer service round the clock every day of the year. This allows IF to upgrade the total customer experience of their three million customers, Mr. Kinos concludes.

The future prospects of Get Jenny seem quite rosy for now. At the same time they want to stand out among their competitors because of their open source code policy.

– We are an Open Source company, which is our strongest asset. We want to develop this technology openly together with the whole world. As a result, we are able to create new standards for constructing these kinds of conversational and chat technologies in future, says Mr. Kinos delightedly.