BCB Medical: Investor syndicate supports our strong growth

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BCB Medical’s Managing Director Petteri Viljanen explains on video how important the investor syndicate is for expanding the company’s market area. BCB Medical is currently Finland’s fastest-growing healthcare company in the IT sector. Focusing on gathering and analysing healthcare data, the company has achieved annual growth of 35 per cent over the last five years.

BCB Medical’s quality registries monitor a wide range of diseases, including cancer, heart disorders and musculoskeletal diseases. BCB’s registries are currently used to monitor the quality of over one million individual treatment procedures. They also provide a valuable source of information for medical research.

The company’s operating model and technical R&D model are based on cloud services and on sales models that are expandable to new markets. BCB Medical’s health technology solutions are utilised in analysing and monitoring over 60 disease groups, and the solutions are used in all Finnish hospitals.

Up until 2017, BCB Medical focused essentially on just the domestic market and on product development in Finland. The company plans to finalise its first cooperation agreements, particularly in the Nordic countries, during 2018.

“We’ve received enquiries about our quality registries also from other countries, and we’re actively seeking commercial partners, especially in the Nordic countries. Our goal is to generate over 30% of the company’s net sales from international markets within the next three years,” points out Petteri Viljanen, BCB Medical’s Managing Director.

Health technology the fastest-growing market

Backing BCB Medical, in addition to Tesi, are the Swedish investment companies Standout Capital and Backstage Invest. Financing offered by the investor syndicate will be targeted at strengthening development, sales and customer service resources for BCB Medical’s software business, particularly in Europe. In Finland, the goal is to double the number of personnel working in the R&D centre and customer service by 2020.

“This investment syndicate provides us with more resources to serve the Finnish healthcare market better and to invest in new services and markets related to analysing and comparing clinical data. We will also launch new services for more refined data processing,” explains Petteri Viljanen, BCB Medical’s Managing Director.

Petteri Viljanen

  • Who: Founder and Managing Director of BCB Medical.
  • Born 1972
  • Core expertise: Healthcare information systems. SaaS business and growth entrepreneurship.

BCB Medical

  • What: Established in 2003, the company is Finland’s market leader in gathering and analysing clinical data.
  • Where: The company’s head office is located in Turku, Finland, and elsewhere in Finland it has offices in Espoo, Oulu and Tampere.
  • Net sales: BCB Medical generated net sales of €3.7m in 2017.
  • Owners: BCB Medical’s owners include Standout Capital, Backstage Invest and Tesi.
  • Website: bcbmedical.com

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