Tesi launches a carbon footprint calculator and a guide

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Tesi has compiled a comprehensive carbon neutrality information package, which includes the basics of GHG emission reduction and practical guidelines to start calculating a carbon footprint. In addition, Tesi has created a basic Excel-based calculation tool to complement the material.

The guide is aimed at venture capital and private equity investors as well as startups and growth companies. It is divided into three sections: the first part elaborates more on the relationship between climate change and businesses, and the journey from GHG emission calculations towards carbon neutrality. The second part provides practical tips for calculation, including lists of providers and tools. The third part includes calculation examples from both a private equity and venture capital investors and medium-sized companies. The information package is especially suitable for those starting calculations, or for example, for internal training.

In addition to the PDF-formatted guide, the package includes an Excel-based tool suitable for calculating the GHG emissions. This tool is especially aimed at small businesses without own production, for example in the service and software industries. It assists in getting acquainted with emissions calculations more practically, but it can also be used for calculations.

“The calculator is built in such a way that it is suitable for as many different sectors as possible, and it serves as a good basis for getting to grips with the practicalities of calculations. All the material is freely available to everyone – we are pleased if companies can make a start in sustainability work with the help of our information package and calculator,” says Selja Ryöppy, the senior analyst at Tesi who constructed the calculator and guide.

“Venture capital and private equity investors have a wide variety of companies at different stages of growth in their portfolios. In addition to growth, the companies are also developed in sustainability point of view, and we want to help VC and PE teams by providing them with both information and practical tools,” continues Pia Santavirta, CEO of Tesi.

Fill in your information and download the materials and GHG-tool

Tesi will release three sustainability-related toolsets or material packages throughout 2023, and the carbon footprint calculator is the second of these. The SG matrix, focusing on corporate social responsibility and governance, can be found here. A broader ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) handbook is scheduled for publication in the autumn.

For more information:

Selja Ryöppy, Senior Analyst
+358 45 7833 2124