Tesi publishes ESG Handbook to support companies’ sustainability

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Fresh off the press, the ESG Handbook is a comprehensive information package addressing 17 aspects of sustainability.  It will help companies embed sustainability into their strategies, identify and prioritise focus areas, and create explicit processes for measuring and developing sustainability activities.

The ESG Handbook is aimed at venture capital & private equity investors as well as at startups and growth companies. It is particularly useful for companies just beginning to address sustainability issues. The infopackage is designed to support companies in improving their sustainability. It uses practical examples to guide strategy work, presents the building blocks for an ESG framework, and provides tips for both companies starting sustainability work and companies looking for best practices.

The material is in PDF format and consists of three units. The first two address the convergence of sustainability and strategy: how to determine the E, S and G issues pertinent to the company, and how to embed the focus areas selected as important to the company into its strategy. The last unit contains summaries of 17 sustainability aspects and offers practical advice on the first development steps to be taken.

“Sustainability is a large framework, and younger companies in particular may find it daunting to address it as a whole. Many sustainability themes are best addressed in the startup phase, though, because they may well be a condition for obtaining financing. That’s exactly when the Handbook is most useful because it presents the main themes of sustainability in bite-sized chunks,” explains Selja Ryöppy, Tesi’s Senior Analyst responsible for compiling the Handbook.

“At Tesi, we view sustainability from two perspectives. We invest in companies solving sustainability challenges, such as those in the circular economy and food tech sectors. In other words, we aim our investments at making a positive impact on the environment and society. Currently, two-thirds of our direct investments promote the clean transition,” says Pia Santavirta, Tesi’s CEO.

“We also develop companies’ in-house sustainability initiatives – for instance, reducing their carbon footprint and promoting diversity – by providing practical tools and guidance for both VC & PE investors and companies,” adds Santavirta.

Download the ESG Handbook from here

This ESG Handbook is the third tool published by Tesi in 2023 and is freely available to everyone interested in improving sustainability activities and corporate responsibility. Find previous tools here:

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