Finnish market leader BCB Medical acquires Swedish partner Health Solutions

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BCB Medical, the Finnish market leader in advanced software systems for gathering and analyzing clinical data, has acquired its Swedish partner and pioneer in health data, Health Solutions AB. The acquisition makes the combined entity the most prominent Health IT company in the Nordic region, focusing on the quality and effectiveness of patient care. After the transaction, over 100 Health IT and Life Science professionals will be working in the combined company.

The acquisition gives BCB Medical significant opportunities for growing its successful business further outside Finland. Merging the expertise of the two companies will create a significant operator in the field of Health IT and Life Science, supported by modern scalable software and highly competent and dedicated personnel.

“This is an important step for us towards internationalization,” says Petteri Viljanen, the CEO of BCB Medical. “Health Solutions is a strong player in the Nordic market, and we have been cooperating together since 2013 and share a common vision. With this transaction, we will immediately be able to reach a wider international audience for our advanced technology. The solutions developed by BCB in Finland and by Health Solutions in Sweden have already created great interest especially in the Nordic countries and the UK”, Viljanen says.

Forerunners in the development of disease-specific monitoring solutions  

The disease-specific monitoring solutions and seamlessly integrated patient communication and engagement software, developed by BCB Medical, are intended as a means of monitoring the effectiveness and quality of treatments, improving treatment chains, and analyzing clinical and PROM real-world data.  BCB’s monitoring solutions are already being used by over 10 000 healthcare professionals in nearly 350 clinics nationwide in Finland.

Health Solutions has been a pioneer in developing decision support systems to monitor patient outcomes with a focus on infectious diseases in the Nordic region and the UK.

“The combined company will be the leading actor in digitalizing the gathering and analyzing of clinical real-world data. The solutions BCB has developed are widely used in Finland and will make a significant difference in other countries as well. Now, we have the opportunity to combine these advanced solutions with the ones Health Solutions already has, to create an even stronger offer to our customers”, says Joakim Söderberg, CEO of Health Solutions.

The companies are starting to recruit new personnel to support the growth. Söderberg continues as the CEO of Health Solutions AB after the merger. All employees of both companies will also continue in their positions as before the merger.

“Data science and the use of real-world evidence in health care has a significant role to play in the development of novel treatments. The Nordic region is leading this development. The acquisition and the new combined entity are major steps in being able to offer our solutions to a wider international customer base, to the ultimate benefit of the patients”, says Birgitta Stymne Göransson, Chairman of the Board of BCB Medical Holding.


BCB Medical 

  • Founded in 2003 in Finland. Offices in Turku, Kuopio, Oulu, and Espoo.
  • The company develops disease-specific monitoring solutions with CE conformity for monitoring and analyzing clinical data in over 100 disease groups. The monitoring solutions have been used in over 100 scientific research projects and publications.
  • The company has a framework agreement with all the Finnish hospital districts in addition to a growing list of international pharma and medtech customers.
  • BCB Medical is part of the PRIVASA project led by the University of Turku, focusing on privacy-preserving AI for synthetic and anonymous health data.
  • Owned by BCB Medical Holding Oy. Shareholders include Tesi, the Finnish Industry Investment Ltd, Standout Capital AB, Innovestor Oy, a group of private investors, and management and employees.

Health Solutions AB 

  • Founded in 2000 by Joakim Söderberg. Offices in Stockholm and London.
  • Health Solutions’ mission is to help the healthcare sector improve patient outcome through optimized use of healthcare and patient-generated data.
  • The company’s decision support systems are in use in all Nordic countries and in the UK. The global hemophilia registry, based on Health Solutions technology, is used in 42 countries worldwide.
  • The company’s client list includes the majority of the largest pharmaceutical companies.
  • Health Solutions is leading the Vinnova founded project From Horizon to Future which aims to optimize the use of Real-World Data when introducing new drugs.
  • Health Solutions was previously owned by founder Joakim Söderberg, private investors and employees. After the transaction, Söderberg and the employees will be shareholders in BCB Medical Holding.

For more information:
Petteri Viljanen, CEO, BCB Medical,  
Joakim Söderberg, CEO, Health Solutions, joakim.sö
Birgitta Stymne Göransson,
Chairman of the Board of BCB Medical Holding,
Joni Karsikas, Investment Director, Venture Capital, Tesi,

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